IDIA recognizes how hard our educators work to provide creative and challenging learning environments for our students in high school and middle school. Our programming covers a host of traditional educational topics, ranging from international relations to Congressional politics.  At the same time, we put considerable effort into ensuring that participating students also learn life skills that will prove valuable to them as they begin their careers. While participating in our Model United Nations or Model Congress conferences for middle school and high school students, students learn how to undertake complicated research projects and to begin drawing conclusions from their own efforts.  They will learn techniques of public speaking, ways of persuading their peers, and strategies for debate.  All the while, they will be immersed in situations that call for conflict resolution, negotiation, and compromise.

The compelling part about IDIA programs

The compelling part about IDIA programs is how closely they complement your efforts in the classroom.  While you need to complete a specific curriculum by the end of the school year, our Model Congress and Model United Nations programs closely complements your efforts in the classroom.  If you are discussing American history, the Rutgers Model Congress program will teach your students about the workings of the United States Congress, and during their preparation for the conference, they will learn a considerable amount about how the nation developed.  Teachers of European and World History will find our Philadelphia and Rutgers Model United Nations programs to be specifically rewarding, as these programs address such important issues as post-colonialism, international development, and human rights.  Moreover, historic committees at all of our conferences challenge students to take steps into the past and to relive important times in American and world history - but they will be called upon to make their own decisions and to anticipate the consequences.

Regardless of your needs in the classroom, IDIA is committed to providing you, as the educator, with tools and skills to help teach your students about diplomacy, debate, and complex world issues.

IDIA invites teachers and high schoolers from around the world to attend our programs.

Upcoming Conferences

Franklin High School Model United Nations Conference 2017 | Franklin High School, Somerset, NJ
Rutgers Model United Nations 2017 | New Brunswick, NJ
Philadelphia Model United Nations 2018 | Philadelphia, PA